Russia’s research and development of remote control robot can complete the dangerous work

On January 13, according to Russia’s “satellite” news network news, the Russian ngos Android Technics of Alexander, general manager), denis polyakov said Russian companies are developing in the future can completely replace human work under dangerous conditions of humanoid robots. ) denis polyakov said that between 2010 and 2015, Android Technics and Russia’s central machinery institute of science research and development a robotics system for remote conducting scientific experiments, under the condition of real-time control and maintenance in outer space science and technology, instruments and other robots.

Russia’s research and development of remote control robot can complete the dangerous work

) denis polyakov said: “the copy control mode is used to special clothing, can let the operator feel robot control tools used in power, in the control Robonaut 2, Telesar V, the SAR – 400, the SAR – 401 and Justin these types of robots.” And he said, in remote control mode, able to control the robot movement uninterrupted.

) denis polyakov said: “the exoskeleton technology includes power solution, used to increase muscle strength.”

He concludes: “this is has practical significance on the moon and Mars, robotics system can deploy sites, to internal cabin and external infrastructure, structure of maintenance facilities, without having to put people in can be a life-threatening condition. Humanoid robots system application can improve the efficiency of space flight, reduce the cost, enhance the work safety of astronauts.”

iPhone7 want to sell large must a little “black technology”

Prior to apple’s quarterly results of Christmas, the iPhone 6 s/s Plus shipments fears continues. Some Wall Street economists believe that even in iPhone7 appeared before the iPhone product line will continue to be a longer market weakness. IPhone lineup is weak market problems, is mainly because the consumer to iPhone6s / 6 s Plus not much interest, because they are with the iPhone 6/6 Plus look so alike.

Apple iPhone7 must be a little “black” of science and technology in order to sell?

The conceptual design

So the iPhone 7 should learn the lesson, with obvious product logo can from the shadow of the iPhone 6 s “liberation”. According to analysts, whether in appearance or function, the iPhone 7 should be different. Although the iPhone every generation will go through a redesign has become a kind of rule, but light is not the same shape maybe was not enough to meet the requirements of consumers in the mind.

An example of a very old case. When apple introduced the iPod, its white headphones line and white earbuds are among the most distinctive music players, because before the iPod headphones line basically all consumers see is black. So if a man with a white headphones line, that is to tell other people “I have an iPod”. Conversely, if the cables are black, it shows the message is “I don’t have a iPod, I use is an old music player”.

You can imagine, iPod first introduced American teenagers group is how to deal with it. Almost no one wants to be around is iPod cases with a Walkman. Just at that time, the white headphones line is a sign of a product.

IPhone6 appeared at the beginning of the also is such, because it has a larger screen, especially the iPhone 6 Plus. With one of the two phones is to tell other people “what I use is apple’s latest mobile phone”. A large screen, was the iPhone 6 product logo. So the iPhone this year 7? Maybe it will adopt a kind of metal material we have never seen before, at the same time also will have new design, may even cancel the headphone jack as rumours and equipped with bluetooth headset.

Whatever a possibility, iPhone 7 needs so that consumers can see at a glance it with other brand mobile phones and the difference between the old iPhone, this is apple needs to do.

IOS9.3 leaks iPhone7 cancel standard headphone jack

On apple rumors iPhone7 will cancel the standard 3.5 mm headphone jack has been preached for a long time, but the basic oral testimony are foreign sources, whether can cancel also need more evidence. And we know that apple products tend to have suggested that future iOS code features and functions of the role of, and user after the found iPhone7 iOS9.1 code may support Li – Fi optical characteristics of the wireless communication technology, and now, and there was a user soon launch of the apple iOS9.3 Beta 1.1 code was found in the latest evidence iPhone7 will cancel the headphone jack.

Apple iOS9.3 leaks: iPhone7 standard headphone jack really was dead

Find this string of code is foreign iOS hacker and jailbreak developer Chris Fromm –, he found a line in the iOS9.3 Beta 1.1 “Headphones. Have. % sinput. No” code, he thought, the meaning of this line of code is that apple will cancel the standard headphone jack in the next iPhone. At the same time, he also revealed that the code can be found in iOS9.3 Beta 1.1 the files in the directory: / System/Library/Caches/com. Apple. Dyldc.

Apple iOS9.3 leaks: iPhone7 standard headphone jack really was dead

The code says iPhone7 standard headphone jack cancelled the possibility is very big. Maybe not long after, we will hear from apple official for sure, but obviously, cancel the headphone jack will make users feel disappointed.

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Touch style incredible iPhone7 conceptual design

Although iPhone6s is released nearly 3 months, iPhone7 specification is widespread, especially more thin body, stimulate to the designer how to “create” mobile phone, how they want a thin iPhone? From the concept of design thought, at least as thin as that iPodTouch.

Ash from ArthurReis iPhone7 concept design, space, silver, gold, and had been a rose gold back shell with all metal reflective round edge completely restore ancient ways the 4th generation iPodTouch the metal shell, especially gold, metal feeling, stylist still seems to be not satisfied with the camera to outstanding, its smooth, due to the thin like iPodTouch fuselage, button, below 20 interface is based on iPhone6 as a transplant, but there is a serious problem is that when to be as thin as iPodTouch why have a 3.5 mm headphone jack?

They also render the conceptual design to the 3 d scene, you can see the phone can thin completely endlessly.

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IPhone7 exposure: wireless new features to get WiFi?

For apple, iPhone upgrade is always stability, no real grasp things, they never use, while the iPhone this year 7, seem to change the rules?

Now, the American media AI give news that was discovered by a developer in iOS 9.1 source code “Li – Fi Capability” (LiFi compatible) function, it sounds pretty weird.

IPhone7 exposure: wireless new features to get WiFi?

Take out the wi-fi? IPhone 7 new features exposure: communication technology to upgrade

Li – Fi technology is regarded as a replacement for wi-fi, it USES the visible light spectrum, instead of the radio spectrum, working mechanism is roughly, after data is transferred to the light source, optical signal way be transferred quickly, and the light sensor receives the light signal before being restructured into electrical signals. In theory, Li – Fi mode data transfer rate can reach 224 gb/SEC.

For the emergence of Li – Fi, many American media and professionals agree that iPhone 7 would join this functionality, but the present situation is that Li – Fi technology is still at the experimental stage, apple really want to such a radical?

In addition, Apple began long before the optical communication product research and development, the display of the code, may mean that they are developing their own Li to wi-fi smart bulb, and the future of the iPhone, the device, and Apple TV, and other equipment.

iPhone 5, iPhone 5SE cf real machine exposure!

As a key member of the iPhone ecosystem, the iPhone 5 se is of special significance, it is 4 inch screen can better interpretation of single hand operation, just accustomed to the big screen, you can also return to a small screen?

Now, the Dutch media sent out a clear positive as alleged iPhone 5 se, as compared with the iPhone 5 (pictured), can be seen from the diagram, 5 se fuselage to be more round, the screen is 2.5 D arc shape, shell should be after all metal, and a white belt.

The iPhone 5 s, the iPhone 5 se machine photos exposure!

If everything is true, then the rumours long iPhone5SE appearance is really iPhone6S smaller version, this sounds really some sad, after all, the appearance of the latter has been in use for two generations, or the design, domestic users would not welcome.

The iPhone 5 and iPhone 5 se machine photos exposure!

According to before exposure, the news of iPhone 5 se is equipped with 4 inch screen, carrying the A8 processor and 1 gb of memory, provide a 8000000 megapixel camera, starting in iOS 9.3, does not support 3 d Touch function, but provide NFC, etc. 3688 yuan, you buy it?


IPHONE 4 inches new concept map exposure
Some analysts believe that this four inches new iPhone, will be powered by powered by A9 processor, 8-megapixel main camera, 2GB RAM, 16GB of storage space since, support for fingerprint identification, provide NFC and other functions, support for Apple Pay, built-in 1642mAh capacity battery.

10 Mobile Windows installed capacity has reached 1 million units

Microsoft recently revealed Windows 10 global installed capacity of 200 million units, and said that the Windows 10 USES the situation better than Windows 7 or 8. However, we need to pay attention to is that the number 200 million is not limited to PC, Microsoft is also for the Xbox One game consoles and smart phones to provide Windows 10.

Microsoft watcher Mary Jo Foley said in the latest podcast, 200 million the number of machines, it should be no less than 180 million PCS. But it is not surprising that, Windows 10 is launched in a PC more than five months ago, Microsoft Windows 7 or 8.1 users free upgrades to Windows.

, except for 180 million PCS of the same source said that there are 18 million Xbox One running Windows 10, which proves that Windows 10 deployment in the console market.

As for smartphones, the registered 10 Mobile Windows system of Mobile phone number to 1 million, in view of the operating system is not yet widely used, the results are impressive. Windows Mobile 10 the preinstalled in the new the company Mobile phone, such as the 950950 XL, and 550, and provide Windows closed personnel.

There are rumors that Microsoft plans in the next few weeks to release 10 Mobile Windows, recently released a beta version of 10586.63 is considered versions of Windows Phone device will be used. This version is currently in beta testing in hand, so far found no big loophole, the company may be in later this month, the official launch Windows Mobile.

Founder of the Oculus: experienced OLED is hard to back to the era of LCD

In virtual reality first the most intuitive display device is two important components of the lens and the display screen. Oculus Rift in arguments, founder of the head of $599, and the price is often mention Oculus Rift “high-end” using optical lens. But another is not what we ignore is display, display also restricts the development of virtual reality industry development.

Oculus VR company’s first generation of developer version DK1 is 7 inch LCD display, but the second generation of the developer version DK2 began to adopt the OLED display. Last year working with samsung design the mobile terminal of the virtual reality show Gear VR collocation of samsung mobile phone are also OLED screen. The other two high-end virtual reality show SONY PlayStation VR and head HTC Vive and OLED display screen is applied.

In this year’s international consumer electronics show CES, in addition to the sat on their booth, founder of the Oculus Palmer Luckey also don’t forget to visit everywhere, in order to understand the development of the electronic market. Today Palmer Luckey abroad social media said Twitter was very happy to see many of OLED display at CES and TV, and said that it is difficult to return to the LCD.

After I played a lot of classic games, used in Rift is difficult to go back and use the LCD.

– Palmer Luckey

Both, compared to the height of the LCD persistence of vision (high – persistence) effect is easy to cause the motion blur, and OLED super fast pixel switch time can maximum reduce the persistence of vision effect and reduce motion blur, avoid fast under the action of ghosting.

Why the apple don’t Siri to use on the Mac?

2011 Siri on the iphone 4 s, we think the personal voice assistant will soon be landing apple Mac, but over the years, why does not support Mac Siri still haunt us to this problem. Who know the answer to this question. Abroad have one user said she asked Siri on the iPhone this problem, but Siri’s answer to it, you want to know everything can be found at

The user said he doesn’t often use speech recognition, because it in E-mail and text information performance is not satisfactory. But use it to set the alarm clock is good. With the time is long, the user will want to know now that it was good in this respect, why doesn’t apple Siri transplantation on Mac?

Why the apple don’t Siri to use on the Mac? Why the apple don’t Siri to use on the Mac?

Apple’s first choice for the iPhone and the device is equipped with Siri, because of these devices in most case, it is connected to the Internet – Siri to work must be connected to the Internet – and these devices are also equipped with a microphone. IOS devices to call Siri Home button is also very convenient for the user.

Maybe someday in the future Siri will appear on the Mac, after all, apple has applied for patent. Another apple released previously, according to a Siri engineer job Posting user interface in addition to the new Siri engineers to master relevant knowledge of all apple development API, also need to be familiar with Unix, especially Mac OS X. From now on, you can see that apple will Siri transplanted to OS X purpose is quite obvious.

But now why Mac doesn’t support Siri? The reason may have a few:

– using a Mac, you still have a physical keyboard can help you complete input, in this case you probably don’t need Siri.

– apple may be looking for a new solution for Siri. As now I’m found to use Siri for dictation failure rate is very high. Apple needs to solve these problems.

– most users have not these requirements (according to 10 users, currently in the Windows, real users of Cortana is not much).

– the text to OS X systems have built-in voice dictation system.

– Mac and iOS devices from technology, such as the location of the user and Mac relatively have a certain distance, but the user and the iOS device is “close”.

– the integration of Siri and desktop applications need more time and effort.

Siri landing Mac equipment may be a matter of time. Do you frequently on their iOS device using Siri? You will often use Siri to handle what tasks

Technology giants Chinese enterprises choose the “best” reform _, smartphone reviews

every January U.S. consumer electronics Show in Las Vegas CES (Consumer  Electronic  Show) is in the industry as a technology is the most important annual event.Each big technology companies focus on “show muscles”, new products and new trend on exposure, through the exhibition can glimpse into the future, based on this, the importance of this event.

unlike previous exhibition largest, before each big technology companies pay attention to be self, a low-key closed-door research results, through this competition’s high-profile appearances.The CES show, as always, but more important is that this exhibition has evolved into the science and technology enterprise cemented stage.Big companies change previous solo posture, open mind, complement each other.

since 2015, Chinese enterprises become the exhibition emerging powers, a quarter of the exhibitors from China region.Different companies selling point, schools of thought contend.But on the whole, Chinese enterprises are still in Korea is leading the technology trend following two manufacturers, on its own, little shadow from the bread over.

large companies: rival

although China, Japanese technology companies are also borrow CES issued new strategy, but from samsung, LG conference crowded, bustling scene, samsung, LG has become the industry forefront of science and technology, science and technology leading the trend.Company and the industry competition to, in order to glimpse, roughly grasp in 2016 the two enterprise development – insight into the future.

Las Vegas on January 5, 2016, local time at eight o ‘clock in the morning, LG electronics first firing, media and other followers from 6 o ‘clock in the morning just waiting in line outside the conference hall.

LG is good at extracting keywords, LG electronics 2015 ces keywords is “OLED and surface 4 k,” web “.This year, LG keyword can be summed up as “Signature”.”People” is the LG electronics has just launched the high-end brands.LG electronics relevant controller introduces, this brand be promoted within the company as a premium product ability, increase the gross margin is important tool.In OLED camp the most loyal fans, the top OLED TV products are covered in the Signature series, once again shows that on the display to the world trend, LG continued emphasis on insist on OLED.

in order to increase the influence of the OLED, the brother of LG electronics company LG Display (hereinafter referred to as the “LGD, LG electronics and LGD as LG group subsidiaries) from behind the scenes to the front, with LG electronics’ & have spent the advocacy platform attitude for the company.”The China business news” reporter discovery, LGD set up special OLED Zone and LCD Zone and exhibit, OLED is still LG The Display show, one of the core content covers the OLED excellent performance and product quality design flexibility, etc.And its application in more fields and devices show the infinite possibility, break the upstream enterprise not the guild regulations.

the personage inside course of study thinks, the exhibition LG group from the terminal to the upstream qi force, it serves to show its determination and confidence in the field of oled displays.

another Korean company samsung’s every move is the industry watches, LG conference is over, samsung right away.Following the 2015 CES proposed “SUHD  TV” concept, samsung in the conference site lists the product a year some effects, such as “in UHD occupy 35% of the global market”, “accounting for UHD” such as the United States market 51.8% market share.Samsung introduced new SUHD TV using quantum dots.In fact, SUHD technology is based on quantum dots display technology, nano semiconductor material grains, according to the grain size and electrical and optical excitation can conduct the different colors of light, so as to achieve the highest color purity and luminous efficiency.

2015 CES, watershed as the display industry, LG electronics flagship OLED, samsung has SUHD concept is put forward.Early industry differentiation trend at that time, had the domestic manufacturers were confused about what to do, when the two display questions is close.

in 2015, the two companies with treasure from jean, attitude is not clear;Two companies change the past, but the 2016 ces reiterated show attitude, determine the faction., according to the relevant person in charge of LG electronics for the display industry, the company eighty percent promotion fee for OLED, the other twenty percent is used for UHD (LCD products).Samsung is that OLED TV about aging, life, technology reliability and used in television can bring value for consumers, still need to be verified.SUHD TV Also has more long-term use fixed number of year.

Japanese display industry companies such as SONY, panasonic declined after the han fasten two big technology companies in display industry, to be an indicator of the industry as a display industry development.

after the two companies attitude clear, will affect China’s color TV enterprises strategic choice, to choose a good wood will become the current phase of the top priority.

big trends: the alliance to meet

in addition to the debut of new products, new strategy, the world exhibition, each big technology companies knowingly also show “partners”.As LG partner, Google and dolby Dolby Vision, head of the platform is present.

in addition, LG And samsung as UHD Union members, to show the UHD&nbsp admiration;Extensive squad.UHD Alliance is a collection of TV manufacturers, studio, content providers and post-production company international organization, is dedicated to UHD Content to establish industry standards.At present, UHD Union members expand to 32 & have spentCompanies.

about alliance, the manufacturers of professional audio harman is the master of the CES cooperation.Harman in LG , TCL, Letv enterprise hardware products such as propaganda.Television and mobile phones more and more thin, sound quality improvement is more challenge.Such as LG OLED TV only 2.57 km, in order to ensure sound, LG choice and haman to cooperate.For intelligent household coveted jingdong also pull in harman, cooperation and development “JBL&nbsp Go  Smart intelligent sound box is haman’s first voice control and access” jingdong micro couplet “intelligent speakers.The personage inside course of study is generally believed that the entry of this product become jingdong household, and the significance of such cooperation is to make up for the weaknesses of jingdong on hardware.

Ma Junying believes that competition in the market reversed transmission consumer electronics products continuously improve product quality, in this context, the production division of labor will be more professional.Combination as a future new train of thought of the development of traditional consumer electronics industry, to open up, positive, cooperative, to get more opportunities for industry.

big differentiation: suit

reporter found in CES main venue, hisense, TCL, changhong, skyworth and other major domestic home appliance enterprises to present.According to the CES online exhibitor list, 2016 more than a quarter of the booth exhibitors from China.

all side, samsung and LG enterprise nature to reform Chinese companies as a technology follower.In 2015 domestic electrical appliances enterprise generally cautious.But from now on exhibition of live performance, terry pattern is clear.

TCL released for the first time China’s largest color TV enterprises high-end category QUHD quantum TV.QUHD quantum TV carrying materials, image processing engine and multidimensional comprehensive quality improve technology.The relevant person in charge of TCL group for TCL during the present industrial chain longitudinal extension ability proud, according to its introduction, at present all the QUHD screens are from huaxing photoelectric company within the group panel.

and another mainstream domestic brands, LGD main galleries of tie-ups skyworth is still mainly display OLED TV.Continuous attention at the scene of the 2016 ces appliances analyst liu buchen thinks, TCL, technical route and samsung are similar, skyworth, lineage LG technical route, the competitive landscape is also two south Korean version of the company.

China video industry association, vice President of Bai Weimin said: at present there are flowers display industry trend, but the general can be summed up in two camps, LCD and OLED technology innovation of other plus ca change.

in addition, liu buchen also Shared an interesting phenomenon, each technology exhibition has the TV display terminal products and strategic information to convey to the world, in addition to its own terminal, the rest of the enterprise to use the display terminal are from samsung and LG, it shows that compared with Korean enterprises, China’s color TV enterprises in global influence has yet to be.

in addition to the regular strategy, the exhibition also thering is no lack of enterprise “” way of doing things.Hisense borrow 2016 ces is to convey to the world its layout in the healthcare industry.Beginning in 2015, the CAS and hisense hisense rely on computer assisted surgery system surgical intelligent display system SID into precision medical electronics industry.The exhibition by showing ULED display technology, and further to show its in medical image processing, such as the core technology research and development strength.

smartphone reviews

Upstream factories closed behind: industry reshuffle speed up _, smartphones have ratings

in the flagship hammer machine T2 phone conference a week before, its contract zhongtian letter could not be issued employee wages and have to declare bankruptcy.Although it did not pose a deadly to hammer impact, but the domestic mobile phone hardware vendor survival in winter is tangible.

since the beginning of 2015, the dongguan trillion letter communication, chairman of the suicide of the manuscript, pulled open the prelude of the mobile phone industry chain of winter.Then, zte, huawei FuChang tier 1 supplier of shenzhen electronic technology co., LTD., declared bankruptcy, big small and medium-sized mobile phone brands such as coke, one hundred percent of bankruptcy.In a net transfer list “died” mobile phone industry, bankrupt mobile phone brands and mobile phone industry chain suppliers to exceed 20, light mobile phone companies will collapse in October 2015 as much as six.

the first two years, benefiting from the explosive growth of the smart phone, the mobile phone brands, supply chain companies came into being.But had to admit that, with the domestic mobile phone market growth is slowing, manufacturer’s big price war, the era of easy money is over.


the blessings of hammer technology’s founder, has not let its partner shenzhen zhongtian letter electronics co., LTD. “coming back to life”, the company will eventually collapse into a dilemma.

as the first electronic manufacturing companies in shenzhen, zhongtian letter for mobile phone manufacturers such as zte, huawei, samsung foundry.Supplier conference in 2013, zhongtian letter turnover reached 800 million yuan, for three consecutive years to achieve sales doubled, and claims that 2014 will exceed 1.6 billion yuan.Just two years later, however, the collapse of that fate.

the same unfortunate and FuChang electronics.The company mainly produces the following in the cover, under cover, box, and the set-top box accessories, such as zte, huawei, TCL mobile phone manufacturer supply mobile phone accessories.

in the industry, industrial upgrading is the direct cause of the collapse FuChang electronic slow.FuChang electronic main supply cheap plastic shell, but since 2015, with its main customers service large-scale use metal shell, FuChang electronic orders become less and less, and to have a business transformation and upgrading to the metal case is not so simple, ultimately not escape the collapse of bad luck.

on the other hand, attached to the mobile phone producer in a passive position, the survival of the supply chain more than a mobile phone manufacturer general corresponding supply chain vendors, some supply chain vendors to rob order at at a low price.In addition, there are, according to the analysis of mobile phone manufacturer in order to have more liquidity, to supply chain vendors use “mat endowment YaKuan” big move, and this kind of phenomenon is very serious, as a direct result of the latter liquidity shortage.On the other hand, no money, why talk about industrial upgrade?

in fact, behind every collapse, the outside world is full of worries about China mobile phone industry.On the issue of the survival of mobile phone brand, gionee Liu Lirong group chairman, said: “will happen in the next 2 ~ 3 years. Mobile phone industry will not exist so many brands, in my opinion the global mobile phone industry is 6 ~ 10 brands.”

Liu Lirong told reporters: “the mobile phone industry brand will be more and more concentrated, but the size of the brand will be more and more big. A general only with two or three brands upstream suppliers. Therefore, the upstream manufacturers focus is also inevitable.”In Liu Lirong view, as consolidation in brand mobile phone manufacturers, the upstream suppliers fail will be more and more.

shuffling crisis

since millet was born, the domestic mobile phone price bottom line down again and again, is continuously diluted profit;And other domestic handset manufacturers into the bureau, but also caused a bloody price war.In April 2015, Letv is in the phone conference, exposed the BOM cost, will be many friends down.

for Letv this radical style, cool technology President ZhuFangHao indicated to reporter: “Letv is also a kind of new pattern, its style cannot cover all of the people.”In ZhuFangHao view, each user like standard is different, vendors or make their own characteristics, to establish their own characteristics in the product, brand channels.

in the price of 3000 yuan, for watershed, on this price, is a multinational brands mainly in the high-end market;Under it, is the domestic mobile phone familiar “quantity” of the market.But in recent years, some strength in the domestic mobile phone manufacturers also began to enter the high-end field, such as huawei launched in many high-end models made her very popular.

wang said: “generally do mobile phones, there are two directions, or the pursuit of cost-effective, selling more than others, but this style must be corresponding to the efficient operation, otherwise it may earn less than money, like huawei, vivo, oppo, either for premium products, to make their own characteristics, although the price is quite high, but can be personalized to profit.”

in the face of the whole terminal market in 2016, ZhuFangHao think there will be at least a few characteristics.”First, the brand will be more concentrated, if not a revolutionary technology, will be more competitive in terms of brand; second, the product will be more and more individuation, then asked to do product manufacturers more profound understanding of the user; third, the integration gradually appear, mobile phones and smart wearable devices will be combined more closely and grow, and this product will be entirely on one wants to come out.”

smartphones have ratings

Charging the new national standard for tesla or “islands” _, new discoveries in science

“tesla without having to rely on public charging pile, because our super charging network has achieved the breakthrough of universal coverage.”In the face of “the China business news” reporter about the “charge of the new national standard after response” this question, tesla insiders said.

on January 1, 2016, aqsiq, national standards committee united national energy administration, the ministry, the ministry of science and technology and other departments, in Beijing officially released a new revision of the electric vehicle charging interface and communication protocol of the five national standards (hereinafter referred to as the “new gb” charging), and began to implement.This means that the future of new energy car battery market in China will have more unified and standardized management.

however, always keep the “high” tesla doesn’t seem to be going to commitment policy in our country, as a reporter to interview the insiders, again to get the response.At present, tesla in addition to the official equipped with charging pile, can not in any other charge on the pile, and its in March 2015 for Chinese owners “mobile charging line”, has been in charge of new gb has been banned.

tesla expressed in this way “, “stand alone, the in the United States has wind style fashion, car brand, in China’s image seems to be not in conformity with the, charging pile layout is insufficient, can’t compatible with the new national standard, plus marketing, channel problems mount, tesla seems to be entered into a crisis in China, how to crack, it is facing the tesla blackens in front of a priority.

charging will be “difficult”

to enter the Chinese market more than two years of time, tesla almost always keep alone.Originally, the end of September 2015 in “Beijing new energy lottery directory” to think about tesla finally in the team of the mainstream, but new national standard of charging, and tesla returned to his “isolated island”.

“tesla wanted to use public charging pile is actually not difficult, only need to add a transition joints, communication protocols, software upgrade on the hardware transformation control direct circuit can. But in fact the tesla without having to rely on public charging pile, because our super charging pile has achieved the north-south through its cover.”Tesla insiders said.The implication, in line with the policy in our country is simple, but it would not necessarily make a modification.

the implementation “the cover” super 352 charging piles, common destination charging pile, 1204.

tesla sales in 2015 did not release, insiders told reporters that compared with 2014 in 2015 sales to achieve a certain growth, among them, the fourth quarter sales of close to 2000, and tesla, elon musk, the founder and chief executive said at a news conference at the end of October in 2015 in the first three quarters of sales (3025), the tesla sales of about 5000 vehicles in China in 2015.According to official data released, its sales to 2499 vehicles in 2014.Thus, at present, the domestic tesla has about 7500 cars.

this 7500 tesla in out state from 1204 destinations, piles and 352 super charging battery.并且,这1556个充电桩遍布全国,而目前特斯拉的车主基本集中于北京、上海等一线城市,有效充电桩的数量就少之又少——据已离任的特斯拉原高层透露:“特斯拉在中国建设充电桩的方式并非按照售车比例安装,而是杂乱无章,举例而言,在青藏线上,目前就设有32个目的地充电站,但在特斯拉刚入华时“发烧友”组织的青藏之旅后,这些充电桩就已处于闲置状态。





虽然其的确在2015年实现了在华销量翻倍,却未在中国新能源汽车的爆发式增长中乘风而行,也未达到马斯克心中关于中国市场的期许——“2015年中国的销量出奇的差。”Musk is this evaluation of the Chinese market in 2015.

in addition to its shoddy workmanship of the product itself and the hardware issue of inadequate facilities, headquarters of poor communication with the Chinese team, contradictions among the Chinese team to a great extent, has an impact on its business in China. But even these” and “has become the cause of its continuous” and “.

at the beginning of 2014 ~ 2014, within 1 year time, tesla China team then into a whirlpool, leaving China, former general manager, greater China chief marketing officer zheng is good Kim joon, vice President of global and China Wu Bi?, tesla’s China business director and marketing manager and other employees have left, the last two left over the same period, tesla, the proportion is as high as 30% of the mass layoffs.

“American headquarters headstrong, led directly to the tesla sales mess and marketing period.”One already departing executives said in an interview,” has just entered the tesla, everyone have infinite expectation and confidence of the brand, but look back now, American headquarters for personnel assigned and used vector very ill-advised.Headquarters power disputes and even spread to China’s top replacement, do you think finally boring, had to leave.”

according to the source, since the beginning of establishment of the Chinese team, several high-level advice isn’t headquarters adopted, making the tesla didn’t” adjust measures to local conditions “in the first time, instead of blindly following the” zero marketing “model, in the hope that replace the substantial marketing with high-tech gimmicks. Perhaps, in, elon musk, point of view, the Chinese market sales is nothing is caused by the leader can, so, it is logical to think that a change of leadership can bring vitality to the Chinese market.

however, camp pin and has always been a symbiotic relationship, the market in the United States is not absolute,” don’t camp pin “geeks and Hollywood stars popular actually is also a kind of marketing, but is free. Together with its infrastructure in the United States is complete and the product itself technology stunt, tesla is really good. However, in the” cramming “marketing and the land of the Chinese market, the operation mode of the same will never get the same effect like water than rivals, tesla in China only passive exposure. Although profit concession made consumers able to buy cars global prices, but it also means that it can only be in the fierce competition in the marketing circle in China at any time at risk of disappearance.

need adjust measures to local conditions

” if soil and water conservation problem problem is not solved, in the long term, tesla could quickly fade out in the Chinese market.”According to one not to be named in the industry. The actual arguments has become the industry consensus, tesla maverick operates in China has made its presence in China architecture at stake.

” must first solve is decentralization problem, “said the executive who left” really want to only the United States headquarters in accordance with the way of the Chinese market, can truly solve the problem in China.Rely on leadership changes completely useless. “

although solution so the, after the top left also countless times for headquarters” petition, “musk is reluctant to implement the” adjust measures to local conditions “strategy in the Chinese market. Even if it had been aware of the grim situation in China, also did not make any real sense.

the tesla China director xiao-tong zhu took office, his team’s low-key manner did make tesla’s negative news, but the industry with its evaluation is not” the doctrine of the mean “2 words.”Personal opinion, his way of doing things is not aim at success, but beg without.The move or deep musk, may let the tesla development stage in China ‘boiled frog effect.”The declined to be named in the industry say.

it has “help not up wall” in the Chinese market, tesla’s global development strategy has entered the crucial stage – Model S has been successfully open the market, Model X is implementation and Model S of the relay, Gigafactory super battery plant is put into production, comprehensive Model&nbsp covering the market.3 models ready…

in accordance with the “trilogy” put forward by the previous strategy, tesla has now completed the first step – the first production of high-end products for niche “, are in the second step, “to the midrange mid-priced make more customers can accept”, the third step “final mass production product” is just around the corner.And at present the Chinese market and the situation of global strategic period, but still not let musk awakening from a dream.

“comply with the American model is certainly won’t work in China, this approach is too eager,” chief zhang xin, an analyst at guotai junan securities, said “only to adjust measures to local conditions, comprehensive adjustment of the infrastructure, marketing and channel, to make the tesla ‘back’. Otherwise, tesla or eliminated by new energy waves soon.”

new discoveries in science

PK thermal power renewable energy subsidies into important chip _, news on technology

the raging haze make coal was no longer popular;Instead of renewable energy.

on December 29, 2015, the national work conference on energy, & have spentClearly put forward “much starker choices-and graver consequences-in” adjust the energy structure of the specific path.The existing power redundancy province according to the actual situation, will probably cancel, suspend, and delayed a batch of coal project.& have spentProvince early warning system for red and yellow, it is prohibited to construct new coal-fired power stations.

meanwhile, renewable energy sources such as wind power and photovoltaic proportion is gradually rising.According to the statistics department figures show that in 2015 China non-fossil energy and renewable energy to the proportion will reach 12%, to reach 15% by 2020, about 20% by 2030.

so, renewable energy to gradually replace thermal power is an inevitable trend.High cost, however, be widely promoted renewable energy “obstacle”, subsidies or will be a temporary solution.

be abandon the “thermal power”

since the winter of 2015, our country suffered as much haze weather, some local governments in order to alleviate the fog haze pollution, is proposed for thermal power enterprises such as leak, limit or stop.

data show that 70% of YanFenChen emissions, 85% of sulfur dioxide emissions and 67% of nitrogen oxide emissions, give priority to with coal comes from burning fossil fuels.

in addition, the poor production condition, backward technology of unreasonable exploitation, transportation and use process, without removal of harmful substances, pollution will be generated, the utilization of coal is reduced greatly.

treasure island coal analyst from the China business news reporter said that China has to establish green low carbon energy development goals, in the future, only as far as possible to reduce consumption of fossil energy sources such as coal.

on the other hand also raised the proportion of class non-fossil energy consumption, by 2030, our country of the fossil energy will account for a proportion of the total energy consumption to around 20%, per unit of GDP carbon dioxide emissions by 60% ~ 65% lower than in 2005.

however, “rich coal, inferior, less gas” in our country’s energy structure characteristics, determined the coal as the main body of the energy consumption status in a certain period will not change.

“since coming decades have no way to change to coal as main energy consumption patterns, it should be from to strive to clean their own coal consumption, reduce pollution.”New energy company executive director, general manager fang shan coalification, said although the coal will cause pollution in the process of using, but after clean coal technology processing, transformation of coal can also become a “green” energy, can completely realize the upgrading of traditional energy and efficient use.

renewable energy to “go”

according to the national energy administration, according to data in the output of 2014, thermal power generation accounts for 75.2%, including water, wind, nuclear, solar and other non-fossil energy proportion is about 24.8%;In 2014 the national capacity of 5.432 trillion KWH, rose 5.09% from a year, including thermal power 4.1851 trillion KWH, edged up 0.17% year-on-year, almost all the rest of the incremental from hydropower, up 24.61% from a year earlier.

this is to say, in addition to water and electricity, was high hopes of photovoltaic, wind power and other clean energy in power generation accounted for almost the same.

the longyuan a executives told reporters, although the cut fossil energy consumption, especially coal consumption, but did not change the main status of fossil energy consumption.

in addition, although the energy industry in our country is already competitive, but the power industry has always hold in the hands of power grid enterprise, as for the price is subject to state control, so grid-connected renewable clean energy such as often rejected.

this is a number of people in the same private electricity providers.From an investment in gansu photovoltaic source told reporters, although the state encourages the development of clean energy, however, the development of clean energy were not as good.The source also said, for example, photovoltaic power generation, although from price photogenic in thermal power enterprises have advantages, but it doesn’t mean photovoltaic enterprises earn more than the thermal power enterprises: first, photovoltaic power generation investment is bigger than thermal power investment;Secondly, photovoltaic relative to thermal power stability is poor, therefore, as more willing to choose the stable thermal power grid enterprise.

it is for this reason, our country in many parts of the photovoltaic, wind power and other clean energy was abandoned.National energy administration of new energy and renewable energy division deputy director Shi Lishan had foreign said publicly, new electric is the supply side of the first change is unable to surf the Internet, a lot of wind power, such as photoelectric low-carbon green resources cannot be given in time, and these new energy sources and is highly dependent on government subsidies, not on the net, will be serious action against the development of new energy and speed.

so, for now, it seems that in the present electric power system reform is not yet complete, such as renewable clean energy, or it is difficult to “go”.

subsidies into important chip

renewable energy and thermal power of the “battle”, in addition to their own characteristics, there is another important factor, so is the policy subsidies.

on December 9, 2015, the national development and reform commission, the ministry and the national energy administration department of a joint mandate, since January 1, 2016 to complete ultra-low emissions feed-in tariff subsidies for coal enterprises.

“notice” is put forward, to encourage guide ultra-low emissions, to meet the requirements of the relevant coal-fired power generation enterprise will give appropriate support a feed-in tariff.On January 1, 2016 as the cut-off time, after the parallel operation of the active unit, the unified online electricity price 1 cent per kilowatt-hour, since parallel operation of the unit, the unified online electricity price is 0.5 cents per KWH.

to have power, analysts say this is not a state subsidies for thermal power enterprises, for the first time only the larger efforts;So just how a penny of subsidies, the source also said that if, in accordance with the thermal power generating enterprises in 2014, the subsidies would be up to billions.

relative to thermal power enterprises, the renewable energy companies also get the policy support.According to the national development and reform commission on additional standards and green electricity price adjustment of renewable energy electricity price related matters notice shows that in order to support the development of renewable energy in China many times to except for residents and agricultural production of the power to impose other than renewable energy surcharge, after several price increases, renewable energy electricity price standards for the additional 1.5 per KWH.

although seemingly renewable energy subsidies than thermal power standard, but this does not mean that the renewable energy companies.The power, analysts say the renewable energy has the advantages of clean environmental protection, renewable, its cost is relatively high;Prophase development needs the government subsidies to support, that’s international practice.

in the industry point of view, if there is excessive subsidies for thermal power enterprises, will also bring influence on renewable energy companies.From the point of cost and quality, thermal power relatively obvious advantages, if again give subsidy policy, will squeeze the market share of renewable energy.

therefore, renewable energy companies in does not have scale advantages, the development of the cost is greater than the market price early, relative to the thermal power enterprises, the national policy support, or become a “lifeline”.

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